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Cyborgdef Research Private Limited

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We are Cyborgdef Research. (PRONOUNCED-CYBOR-DEF)

A biotechnology & lifesciences company in New Delhi India after 45 years of research and across 4 continents, we have isolated 24 types of contaminants, in everyday environments, that make new clothes/things -old & dirty. After additional 4 years of R&D we have placed the cleaners/restorers for 22 of these contaminants in a single working solution. It is called “Saffa” after supplying “Saffa” to five star hotels & other esteemed organizations for over 2 years, Cyborgdef Research teamed up with Franchise India ( a division of Francorp, USA) to develop it’s distribution network. We are now looking to expand into the consumer market- Globally. Saffa needs distributors and Consumers. You will love Saffa, we guarantee it. Money saving, easy to use,thorough cleaner, sanitizer, rejuvenator all in one.

Conventional cleaners use bleach,soda and alkali to douse the dirt. This eats part of the dirt and part of the material. That is why your clothes are destroyed in 3-4 washes, and your household items look faded and 2-3 months.
We have isolated 22 types of components of dirt on 4 continents and after an additional 5 years have managed to place the removers and restorers of all 22 components in a working solution. Result, the laundry and household items last for years and are always, sanitized, color bright, white bright and in case of laundry -soft for years on end instead of 3-4 washes.


  • Address D-62
  • E-mail raj@saffa.in rajkchhatwal@yahoo.com
  • Category Dry Cleaners & Laundromats, Household & Consumer
  • Location Kirti Nagar
  • Tags Saffa All Purpose Cleaner, Saffa Industrial Cleaner, Saffa Liquid Detergent, Saffa Soft Wash

Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Contact PersonRaj Chhatwal
  • Mobile No.098188 22930
  • LocalityKirti Nagar
  • CItyNew Delhi
  • Pin Code110015
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Cyborgdef Research Private Limited
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Cyborgdef Research Private Limited
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Cyborgdef Research Private Limited
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Cyborgdef Research Private Limited



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