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Montech Precision Pvt Ltd

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“As the pioneer makers of Special Purpose Machines for manufacture of Pilfer Proof Caps, Crown Corks and other types of Bottle Closures, it has been our privilege to offer some unique and exclusive service, which has seldom been offered by any machinery makers in the country. The Cap making machines we now sell, were initially designed and made for our own use. Till a few years back, manufacture of Bottle Closures was the domain of large Houses and the process kept a closely guarded secret. Thanks to the advent of small-scale sector in Packaging field and also innovation of machinery suitable for this sector, the trend has reversed now. Beside and besides Cap Making Plants, we had been engaged and associated in the manufacture of all types of Bottle Closures for three decades, which enables us to provide detailed know-how of the line and also training in our factory. As such, what we offer is not machinery alone, but also knowledge and experience which spares our clients the expense and agony of learning by trial and error. Contrary to the general tendency of making a thing a little inferior and offering the same a little cheaper, we constantly strive to innovate improvements that of course cost and add a bit to the price of machinery. A sewing machine can cost anything from $50 to $200 and some special purpose sewing machine may even cost around $1,000. Buying a substandard, lower priced machine, it like purchasing a liability that pinches as long as it is there. A good performance guaranteed machine, costing little more is an investment that pays for itself in due course. We strive to cater for the later”


  • Address No. 10/65, Industrial Area
  • Phone 011 - 41424722
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  • Category Machinery & Spare Parts, Machinery & Tools
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Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Contact PersonJirendra Pal Singh
  • Mobile No.+91-9811081100, 9811036093
  • LocalityKirti Nagar
  • CItyNew Delhi
  • Pin Code110015
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Montech Precision Pvt Ltd
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Montech Precision Pvt Ltd
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Montech Precision Pvt Ltd
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Montech Precision Pvt Ltd



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